Thursday, December 31, 2020

Write Down What God Says- Part 2 Introduction

We will begin January 3 online. 

As we journey through this book, we are going to spend time to find out what God may be saying to us personally.

God has touched my life with these words, and I share them with you so He can do the same in your life. He loves to commune with His children. Here you will learn more about God and what He wants you to know to help you in your everyday walk and to help your family. We have experienced in 2020 a difficult time and we need God's help in our everyday lives. He is waiting for us to ask Him to come in and help. 

To help you explore what God may be saying to you, pick out three words that catch your eye as you read the scripture on each session (or phrases) In the book, on the back of each prayer page, you will have a place to list the three words. If you don't have a book, then you can post those three words or phrases on your writing pad.. 




It helped me to put what I felt those words meant. Then, in the space below the list, write what you feel God is saying to you as you sit quietly and listen.

On each page I will suggest words, but feel free to list the words that catch your eyes and write them down and what they mean to you. God speaks to each one of us where we are with Him.

You may also want to write a prayer to include what God is showing you using His words.

At the end of each session, I suggest you spend time that week, reading over the verse, and looking at the words you wrote and their meanings. It will also help to write a note to God, telling Him what you need. Be specific.

If you have questions, please put it in the comment on the blog, or email me direct at

I hope this will be a journey that brings you closer in your relationship to God giving you revelation knowledge of His words.

Begins January 3.

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