Monday, August 28, 2023

What Are you Expecting For the Future?

We can expect a good future full of hope and the promises of the Lord.What is it about us that makes us want to plan out our lives? Are we aware the decisions we make can affect us and those close to us for the remainder of our lives?

I'm not suggesting we do not make plans, but from experience, I can say that it is very important before we put those plans into action we sit down and talk to God about those plans.

You see, if we involve Him, before we act, he can reveal to us either that the plan is flawed and can bring heartache or He can direct us to go forward with our plans, and perhaps even suggest a better plan.

For me, it is important I talk to him first. For I know He always has my back, front, sides, over and under, and even totally around me.

I believe if we include Him in the planning, we can expect a good future full of hope and  promises of the Lords.

We all have storms, physical and emotional storms. There are storms that devastate our lives. A storm can be a job loss, the death of someone you love…spouse, child or friend. Your child could be in trouble. He could be addicted to drugs or alcohol. The storm could be your marriage is crumbling; relationships with loved ones are in jeopardy. Maybe the storm is the diagnosis the doctor gave you. Storms aren’t just weather related there are also life storms. In these pages, you can find the help you need to come through your storms. You will also learn how to overcome your storms, survive your storms and have a life to live after the storms.

And some of these storm are due to our making the wrong decisions. But, even so, God can still bring good out of our mess. His words say, "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." Romans 8:28 NIV

Friday, August 25, 2023

Who Gives You Strength? Will He Give You Peace?


We are blessed as God's people. All we have to do is avail ourselves of all He offers us.

How do you know what He offers? You can find that out by reading His words in the Bible. When I am reading I ask God what He wants me to know about this scripture? How does He want me to apply it to my life in everyday matters. He wants to give us the answers to these questions. But we first have to ask the questions, and then listen for the answer. Spending time with Him brings us into fellowship with him. This is where we are having conversations with Him, learning from Him. I think it is worth finding out, don't you?

Do you yearn for the strength you need in life to face your days? Do you want peace and quiet in your life? Would you be surprised to learn God wants you to have the strength you need and to live with peace and quiet in the midst of what goes on around you..

In this book we will explore cleaning out and making room in your heart and mind for the tranquil life of peace that belongs to you. Hope is yours for the taking even when you have struggles and opposition. The secret is removing the things that block your peace such as worry, fear, hate, and unforgiveness. This book will help you free yourself from the blockage. Let peace and calmness flow freely in your life.



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