Friday, November 3, 2023

Ever Wonder Why You Hate To Be Told No?

Okay, what is God saying? He is telling us to get rid of doing wrong, to clean out the inside and outside.

I have noticed people do not like being told what to do. Think of how children are at different ages; they do not like being told what they can or cannot do. Some kids would push the envelope as far as they can, and some adults are the same way. They do not like being told what to do either. This is called a rebellious nature.

Superfluity means excess, oversupply, something unnecessary. Naughtiness means a little bad. Some call it a little mischief. When we behave in manners that are harmful to us, it hardens our hearts.

God says put that out of your life. The word in King James is filthiness. I am told that in the Old Testament this word was tso'ah, which meant both “excrement" or "dung,” as well as uncleanness and immoral impurity.

God wants us to quit doing wrong. When we do wrong, vulgar, evil, or bad things, we put a wall between us and God. He loves us, and He is willing to forgive us and help us turn away from doing things that are wrong. Just like a parent who loves their child and wants to save them, He wants to save us and to give us blessings and favor. Why would we want to turn down God's blessings and favor?

When He talks about engrafting (join by grafting) His word, He is talking about making it a living extension of our life. Why? Because it produces spiritual fruit in us, which chokes out that rebellious spirit. By reading His word, we graft His word in us.

As my children got older, they told me that when they were young, they did not like being told they could not do things or be with certain people. But looking back, they see that I was protecting them, trying to give them direction for a happy, peaceful, and prosperous life.

That is what God is doing––saving your soul to give you a happy, peaceful, and prosperous life, not just here on earth, but for eternity. This is a wonderful gift.

I think that is a good trade!

Prayer: Lord, I repent and turn to you. I ask you to show me areas in my life I need to clean out. Help me remove any filthiness and superfluity of naughtiness, inside or outside of my life. Soften my heart, oh Lord, toward you. Put a desire in me to come to know you by reading and studying and meditating on your word so that my heart will never be hardened again. Forgive me for allowing these things to enter my life. Fill me with your peace and contentment and prosper my life not just here on earth but for all eternity. Thank you for not giving up on me when I was rebellious but for continuing to call me to you and to love me. Help me to share this love you have for me with others, telling them how much you want to give them good gifts along with peace and eternal life.

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